At Dan Vance Racing we offer custom high performance cylinder head and engine modifications for Harley Davidson motorcyles. We have performance kits for every riding style. We can provide torque and horsepower increases in any or all RPM ranges.


starting at  $500.00


The new fly by wire throttle bodies from the factory are not really rebuildable.  What the factory did is to neck down the inside diameter of the body so that it can not be enlarged.

If you want a bigger throttle body for your bigger motor there are 3 way to get one.  The factory actually sells a 58 mm FBW t/body.  It is a nice unit but it is limited.

The next choice is to send to me your throttle body and I can get it done at S&S or at HPI. What they do is take the internal elctronic motor and parts out of your old one and install it into a new casting that has a larger body. These throttle bodies come in 58mm, 62mm, 66mm, 68mm, 70mm .

They start at $500 and go up depending on size.

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