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"FLY BY WIRE"  Throttle Body Upgrade

starting at  $300.00


       "Fly By Wire"  This is the new term for the Harley Davidson 2008 and up bikes with the cableless throttle bodies. Harley Davidson has removed the throttle cables from the bikes and are now using electrical sensors and motors to operate the fuel injection. The throttle bodies have a variety of sensors that send info to the main computer where it is interpreted and it sends a signal to the throttle body to open or close depending on the actions required.
      There are two different throttle bodies that were used. The early one has a larger plenum and manifold which can be reworked into a larger throttle body by boring and installing a new larger throttle blade. The late model "Fly By Wire"has a much smaller plenum and does not react as well to boring. These Harley Davidson new throttle bodies will need to have throttle body replaced with a new larger casting for the bigger motors.
      To rework the early model throttle bodies the price is $300 for the conversion. For the later smaller throttle bodies the cost is $450. The shipping fee to return the throttle body to you is $15.


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